Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Men + The List

My friend Mike tells me that men need a shake-up book more than women do. “Women are much better at taking action,” says he. “We just sit around, then go nuts and buy things like fancy toys.”

Meanwhile, my old colleague Jim (who I haven’t seen since the early ’80s) posted a comment to an earlier post, saying that after spending time on the site, he’d made his own list. I’m still waiting to hear what’s on it, because for the life of me I wouldn’t know what to put in a guy version of The List.

If there are any men reading this, or wives, girlfriends, and partners who have ideas of what men might do to shake up their lives, send some ideas. It will be fun to compare!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree that most men could do with a "shake up" list that might be a bit more complex than buying a sports car and having an affair. My husband needs to shave his had-it-since-the-sixties moustache! I guess I should be grateful it's not a ponytail.