Monday, November 10, 2008

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia?

I’ve been trying to locate my friend Marcia for over a year now. We met in fourth grade and stayed close until we graduated from high school. She was one of the first of my friends to get her license, and every morning she’d pull up in her light blue VW Beetle to drive me to school. That old car had no heat, no floorboards, and no FM radio. The last time I spoke to Marcia was nearly 10 years ago, when I still worked in New York, and she still lived in Maryland.

I first tried to reach her to interview her for Shakeup #18: Go Horseback Riding Bareback-Style. Marcia didn’t come up in Google search, or on But today I logged onto Facebook, and there was an invite from Marcia!

I literally screamed. You would have thought she’d returned from the dead. In fact, she’s been in Pennsylvania with her husband, starting a new direct marketing business. She sent her phone number and we talked for a half-hour, catching up in big gulps. I’m sure I sounded like a lunatic, but it’s amazing how great it feels to reconnect with an old friend.

Another shakeup to add to the ever-growing LIST: Join Facebook!


trenoops said...

So she wasn't on google or because you didn't know she was married and you didn't have her new last name. So she found you on Facebook. Is she on Myspace? Would you have been able to find her on Facebook without knowing her last name? She found you, so you must have the same last name you did when you knew each other.

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Marcia said...

Apparently I did all my "shaking up" as a child. I went through the list and couldn't find anything that I was even remotely interested in considering. I guess I'm not that ready to shake up my life!