Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Two Million Changelings Can’t Be Wrong

For months, we’ve been shaken up by forces way beyond our control. But this week, we did the shaking. Despite a daily barrage of bad news (or maybe because of it?), a few million people buttoned up their overcoats and went to Washington to celebrate change. They certainly whooped it up…and why not? Change feels good—especially when you bring it on yourself.

If you were in Washington for the festivities, tell us about it. We can be vicarious whoop-it-uppers together.


Antonio Siracusa said...

I really hope that change really does happen. Time will tell but it can't all be on Obama's shoulders. Everyone who was there and who was watching on television needs to get active. We can't expect 'one' person to be all the change.

gail belsky said...

I think we're all going to be part of the process, whether we purposely take action or are just swept up in it. Like Obama said, the ground has already shifted. Now we just have to make it a positive instead of a negative. I feel like people are already thinking that way.

Did you go to DC?