Monday, November 24, 2008

Listers — and Wine Lovers — Unite

Last week was the local book-signing party for The List, which was especially fun because it was totally home-grown. Amanti Vino, a wine store downtown with fabulous space, hosted the event and combined it with a wine tasting. They even brought in a cheese expert to do a complimentary sampling. Watchung Booksellers — a champion of local writers — showed up with boxes of The List in tow.

Around 70 people came: friends, family, fellow writers, wine lovers, one of our local vets and a special group of honored guests: a dozen or so women who appeared in The List. Among them were my oldest friend from college Beth; my sisters Judy and Lauren, and our host for the evening, Sue, who left a successful career in corporate sales to work at Amanti Vino and learn the wine business . . . her real passion.

It was exciting to see them together in the same room, although I feel bad because I didn’t have the chance to introduce them to one another. These women have provided me with so much inspiration in the past year; I just wish all 82 Listers could meet each other. They’d be as blown away by the combined energy, insight, optimism, and courage as I am.

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