Monday, November 3, 2008

7 Days and Counting

The site and Facebook application have been up for just under one week, and I can’t believe how many friends and friends-of-friends are showing up. Thank you! I’m hearing from women I haven’t seen in years.

As of tonight, seven people have posted comments on the blog, including two of the 82 fearsome women featured in The List; one fantastic writer who contributed a laugh-out-loud essay to a collection I edited in 2006, one new colleague who started a writer’s loft that I belong to, a warm and very funny woman I know from my town whose son was in the same second grade class as my son, and my friend and fellow writer Candy, who’s encouraged me through all kinds of projects over the years.

The blog has one official follower. She found out about The List and through an old colleague of mine who only just hooked up with me on Linkedin after 6 years), and 17 fans!

This reminds me of a party that my friend and fellow editor Louise and I threw years ago in New York for women’s magazines editors and writers. Louise (featured in #48 in The List: Make a Big Move) belonged to a writers group in Westchester; I belonged to one in New Jersey. We thought it would be fun to get them all together. By the time we were done, we’d amassed about 50 women from various aspects of our work lives. (The only invite rule: No scary editors allowed.) We mingled and gabbed in the private party room we’d rented at a midtown restaurant—downing Cosmos and hors’ devourers, making connections, and talking with people we’d known for years, but never met before.

So I’m adding an item to my list: Connect with other women! What better way to meet likeminded and interesting people than to share your conquests, hopes, and inspirations.

Thank you, again!


Jim Osterman said...


I spent some time on your site last week and -- while I am a male of the masculine gender -- compiled my to-do list. This is very cool. I hope it takes off like a rocket. And to think I knew you when back in 1985 at the Adweek conference in Rye.

gail belsky said...

Hey great to be gabbing with you! You know, I'm going to be blogging next week about men needing to make a list, too. I've got a friend who says he thinks men may need it more than women. So what's on yours ? Look for the post next week; I'd love hear what you think.

Did you really have to put down the date of that conference? It's scary that it's been that long!

Jim Osterman said...

You were a 13-year-old Adweek intern in '85. Right?

Among the things on my list are to scuba and sky dive, write a novel and travel.

I crossed my first one off last weekend with my tattoo.